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All of us here in Rivah Southern Country know just how big a part our dogs, whether small or large, play in our lives and how much we adore them.

With the introduction of our new Rivah Southern Dog™ line, your best friend can now sport around in our exclusively designed crab or pelican collars, leashes, and harnesses. He or she will surely adore playing with our fleece bone, and when all worn out from their many Rivah Southern adventures, your pet will love flopping down for a rest on one of our custom made Rivah Southern beds for a nice afternoon nap.

Products in our new Southern Rivah Dog line:

Rivah Southern Dog™ - Pet Products and Accessories
  • Dog Collars
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  • Dog Harnesses
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  • Pet Beds


Wholesale, Bulk, & Special Orders

Wholesale, bulk, and other special orders are welcome. For more info, to place your order, or to become a retailer call (804) 445-5379.

Our 'Rivah' Dog

Shucker, the Rivah Southern DogIntroducing "Shucker," our new Rivah Southern dog. Here he is with me, Rivah Southern owner Christine Swinson, on a visit at 7 weeks. He is a Bichon Frise - a wonderful and gentle companion breed. For all of you dogs fans out there, I am sure you can see how excited I am to be bringing him home. I decided to name him Shucker in homage to our Rivah area and the oysters that we all enjoy here. Whether raw, fried, steamed, or in oyster stew, we living here in this area love our oysters!

I hope you like the Rivah Southern Dog™ line that I have created including my trademarked crab and pelican patterns available in collars, leashes, harnesses, fleece bone toys, and key chains. Please be sure to check out my custom, locally made pet beds in five Rivah patterns. Not only will they look great in your decor, but your pet will love you for its comfort.

Follow Shucker

Check here or on our Facebook page to follow Shucker's growth and his many adventures here in Rivah Country.